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Unsecure Business Loan

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Are you looking for an easy and flexible unsecured business loan for your small start-up or business expansion? If yes, then you are at the right place as our dedicated team of experts helps you meet your financial needs, specifically for small businesses so that you can launch yourself within a short duration of time.

Unsecure business loan, as the term suggests, is offered to you without any collateral/security, which in turn benefits startup companies and SMEs to raise funds for such requirements as equipment or project financing and expansion.

Following are the features of Unsecure Business Loan:

1. Unsecure business loan can be procured without any security against your assets
2. Maximum amount to be disbursed ranges from Rs 15 lakhs to Rs. 1 crore
3. Tenor period usually covers 12 to 60 months
4. Highly competitive rates of interest
5. To save your time, doorstep services are offered
6. Ideally, applicants with high credit scores are given preference
7. Hassle free application and documentation
8. Flexible loan repayment options
9. Benefit from our expert team of professionals providing you with personalized solutions

Who can apply?

1. Partnership Firms
2. Sole Proprietorship Firms
3. Public Limited Companies
4. Private Limited Companies
5. Manufacturers
6. Traders
7. Service providers

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