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Loan Against Property

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Loan against property, as the term implies, is a loan granted against the mortgage of your industrial, commercial or residential property. Life is precarious and possibilities are endless, you may need funds for medical emergency, sending your children abroad for higher education, to finance your child’s wedding ceremony, and many others. Therefore, with the help of loan against property you can leverage your funds while enjoying occupancy in your residence.

A certain percentage of the loan is offered on the basis of the market value that your property holds, which is nearly 90%. The advantage of loan against property is that a higher loan amount is granted at lower EMIs for both your personal and business needs. With speedy approvals, easy documentation and flexible repayment options, the process is made even easier for your convenience.

Key Features of Loan Against Property are:

1. Attractive rates of interest
2. Speedy Approvals
3. Period up to 15 years
4. Commercial and residential properties treated as collateral
5. Impressive tools for debt consolidation

Key Benefits of Loan Against Property are:

1. Impressive loan amount with lower EMIs
2. Flexible repayment options – EMI based loan and Drop line Overdraft Facility
3. Funds can be utilized for personal as well as business needs
4. Special programs organized for the self-employed

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