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Loan For Purchase Of New And Used Machinery

Loan For Purchase Of New And Used Machinery

DHFL SME Plant and Machinery Loans for Manufacturing Units In India Envisages Meeting Business Expansion and Working Capital Requirement

Eligibility :

1. Self Employed Non Professional (sep)
2. Self Employed Professional (sep)
3. Entitied - Partnership, Limited and Closely Held Limited Companies, Societies and Trusts

Documentation :

1. KYC of Entity and Promoters
2. Financial Statements
3. Last 6 Months bank
4. Statements
5. Existing Loan Track

Key Features :

Loan Amount : Up To 10 Crore
Tenure : Maxumum 6 Years Loans For Purchase Of New And Used Industrial Machinery

Key Benefits :

1. Unique Finance Products
2. Flexible Tenure Options
3. Simple, Fast & Transparent Process
4. Minimum Documentation
5. One -stop Financing For Business Needs

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Loan For Purchase Of New And Used Machinery

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