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Loan for New & Used Machinery

DHFL SME Plant and Machinery Loans for Manufacturing Units In India Envisages Meeting Business Expansion and Working Capital Requirement


  • Self Employed Non Professional (sep)
  • Self Employed Professional (sep)
  • Entitied - Partnership, Limited and Closely Held Limited Companies, Societies and Trusts


  • KYC of Entity and Promoters
  • Financial Statements
  • Last 6 Months bank
  • Statements
  • Existing Loan Track

Key Features

Loan Amount : Up To 10 Crore
Tenure : Maxumum 6 Years Loans For Purchase Of New And Used Industrial Machinery

Key Benefits

  • Unique Finance Products
  • Flexible Tenure Options
  • Simple, Fast & Transparent Process
  • Minimum Documentation
  • One -stop Financing For Business Needs

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