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This facility of no income proof loans is extended to those who are not office goers and are self-employed or freelancers. They usually face many problems while applying for a loan as they have no income proof to offer, which is considered an important document for availing the loan. Therefore, we at My Bank Loan provide you No Income Proof Loan where loan is sanctioned to you without any hassle. This is a platform where you are not required to produce your ITR and Balance Sheets, in case you don’t have any.

Even people who have bad credit rating can also avail no income proof loans. Moreover, if you have mortgage arrears, CCJ, repossession, IVA or any other issues with credit, then also you can apply for this loan. You can borrow an amount of up to 1cr, which is offered in terms of unsecured and secured options. This loan can be availed for any of your personal reasons as there are no set parameters as to how this loan amount can be used and at that without having to produce audited accounts. This loan is offered against your property requiring only one year bank statement.

Whereas secured versions of these loans grant you 90% value of the collateral; the unsecured versions of no income proof come with a little high rate of interest.

Benefits of No Income Proof Loan

  1. Loan can be availed by filling one single form
  2. Quick approval
  3. The loan term ranges from 5 years to 15 years
  4. No Need of financial documents Like ITR, Balance Sheet, Current Account etc

Documents required for unsecured salaried personal loan

  • 2 year income tax returns/2 year form 16
  • 2 months salary slip latest
  • 6 month bank statement (salary account) pdf format
  • PAN Card, Aadhar Card
  • Employment proof (any appointment letter or or any written letter from employer)
  • All running loans details

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