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Pre Approved Loan

A pre-approved loan is granted to those customers who have a sound track record of loan repayment history. At the same time, we also offer loans to such customers based on certain criteria such as income status, proper maintenance of cash inflow, the current EMI outflow and payback history in case of credit card holders. We then sanction a certain amount, which can be availed within a limited time framework of usually six months.

The pre-approved loans are of two types: secured and unsecured. Secured pre-approved loans include home loans and car loans while the unsecured pre-approved loan category is mainly credit cards and personal loans.

Key Features of Pre Approved Loan

  1. Convenient procedure
  2. Quick Processing
  3. Apply anytime from your home or office
  4. Minimum paperwork involved

Amount of Loan Offered

  • Pre-approved loan arrangement letter (PLAL) carries the loan amount sanctioned on the basis of current rates of interest
  • Minimum amount offered – Rs. 5 Lacs

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